Why Choose MSISI


  • Principal has over 16 years of health care information technology experience, serviced more than 20 companies like Atrium Medical, Hartmann-Conco, Posey Company, Quidel Corporation, NicePak/PDI, etc.
  • Sales and marketing team has over 70 years of combined success with leading health care manufacturers and distributors
  • MSISI communicates with over a hundred distributors regularly on behalf of our customers. We know them well and understand their proprietary data formats and data anomalies intimately.

Proven Solutions

Backed by many years of working experience in the health care industry, MSISI has developed the most complete and advanced software solutions for the health care industry

  • TRC™
  • DataExchange™
  • ACFM™
  • MSA™
  • ORSA™


  • Customer service excellence
  • The highest standards of confidentiality and integrity
  • Continual improvements to key applications


  • Long term partnerships
  • Bottom line results